Website Design and Support

Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center2016-present

Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center is a nonprofit rental facility as well as a club meeting hall.

The objectives of the Center are:

  1. to stimulate the interest of the community in cultural activities;
  2. to aid in beautifying the community by encouraging better gardening practices;
  3. to advance art education and appreciation by the public; and
  4. to provide a suitable place for the development of such interests.
LBAGC homepage


In 2016, I was part of the Web Projects class at Santa Rosa Junior College. This class split into teams to take on web media projects for nonprofits. My team worked with Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center (LBA&GC) to create a gorgeous WordPress website with a functioning calendar. Once the class was over, an LBA&GC representative approached us to offer an ongoing website maintenance position. I took that offer and continue to be available to them on an as-needed basis.



With the website in place, our next main concern was updating the calendar. As a rentable venue, LBA&GC has a hectic schedule with regular and irregular event dates. I worked with LBA&GC's club representatives to adjust the website's calendar to suit their needs. Research and communication with plugin support teams gave us access to helpful upgrades. I provided customized manuals and personal training to help members use the calendar efficiently.

Club members used my assistance to customize their personal pages. Updates to the site's content, plugins and JavaScript kept the website current. The center is now proud to have a beautiful home on the internet that serves their goals and keeps them engaged with the community.