Website Design and Vector Art

Love Nikki Suggestion Box2019-present

To test using the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress, I developed a fan site about the popular mobile game Love Nikki created by Paper Co. and published by Elex. Love Nikki centers around styling the main character and competing in story-driven stages against other stylists.

The website showcases constructive criticism on gameplay and suggests ways the game could be improved.

Love Nikki Suggestion Box homepage


I began playing LN in May 2017, continuing up until today. Expanding my collection of Nikki art is addictive. Designing scenes and styles for the character is something relaxing to do when I have free time, as is seeing what other players come up with. Perhaps the best aspect of the game, for me, is the nice community I've been a part of for the past two years. Through this rather quirky mobile game, I was able to talk to people from all over the world and share fun and supportive conversations online.


Vector Art

Love Nikki's core is its Japanese anime style art. Using Adobe Illustrator and some Photoshop, I did my best to create chibi versions of the main character. Whenever possible, I like to use original art in my websites to keep creative costs down.